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Fast, Pain-Free REO Sales

For the Buyer’s Agent, OfferSubmission removes all the barriers to ensure that every offer is delivered directly to a decision-maker for a rapid response.

It’s Easy to Use

OfferSubmission is a green, paperless process that saves all the time associated with filling out stacks of paperwork.  Offers can be submitted wherever there’s an internet connection available. 

It Keeps Everyone in the Loop

OfferSubmission provides the transparency necessary to alleviate follow-up phone calls and emails to check status of offers and property availability.  For the first time, Buyer’s Agents, Listing Agents, Asset Managers, Servicers and Asset Owners are aware of every offer and every decision…in real time.

No Subscription Fees

Rather than another agent or broker-paid fee deducted from your commission, a modest offer processing fee is paid by the purchaser of each property at closing.

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