• Forget the Process – What’s the Problem?

    September 2014   They had a new idea for a company that would represent home sellers, not buyers.  Now, they’re making it happen.  READ MORE

  • OfferSubmission named to the inaugural HousingWire Tech100

    February 28, 2014  OfferSubmission named to the 2014 TECH100 list of most innovative housing technologies  READ MORE

  • Some Rules to Live By

    August 7, 2013  Best practices for servicers and real estate agents to help improve the state of play when selling distressed properties  READ MORE

  • Woodward Technologies Assists Auctions

    August 1, 2013  Woodward Technologies, a subsidiary of Woodward Asset Capital, says banks are increasingly using its web-based tools to manage in-house, online REO and short sale auctions. READ MORE

  • Servicers Bringing REO Management In-House

    April 5, 2103  As inventories shrink and the REO landscape shifts again, the need for outsourced management decreases, too.  READ MORE

  • Short-sale platform can prevent property “flopping”

    Janury 2013  A software platform that allows mortgage servicers to receive all offers submitted on a short-sale property directly from buyers’ agents has won an award for Release of the Year from Mortgage Technology magazine.  READ MORE

  • Variations on Value

    December 2012  Is a property worth what the market will pay? Not in today’s market.  READ MORE

  • Distressed housing valuation – Let the market speak

    November 2012  Determining value today has everything to do with buyer perception and pocketbook and nothing to do with history.  READ MORE

  • New CFPB Regulations Opportunity, Not Problem

    July 2012 Regulations can sometimes be freeing. And in the case of the new and soon-to-be-implemented Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requirements related to servicing and loss mitigation, we see a great opportunity to know more and thus, have more power in every transaction. READ MORE